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22 June 2009 @ 16:45
Hmmm...I really don't like the layout still. I'm going to need to change it. AGAIN. Going to go for a different look this time, I think. Well I'll try to get around to it soon then. This week would be good, since I'm leaving for SUNY Oswego on Sunday for a Media Arts program. I'll be gone for a month, but I'll be taking my camera and laptop, so I might post some updates.

yet another random tattoo

Un-official designs for some circus character. Just trying to get the basic ideas of characters down.

Ben drew a picture of a fairy we bump into in D&D and Kate took the picture and made a gangster version. Then I took her picture and turned the gangster back into the proper time period while keeping her basic shapes.

I recently discovered that my camera has a macro setting and have been fiddling with it. This is from my second time with it when I noticed these tiny (but not quite no-see-'ums) bugs stuck to the window. Here's one shot I edited the lighting and color of.

Wow am I inconsistent. Tattoo, sketch, sketch, dead bug photo. Yup.

Feeling...: blahblah